Cirque The Label

Hey! I'm Jen, founder/designer/maker of all things Cirque The Label.

I create self-indulgent scrunched accessories for people that see their wardrobes as though they are curators of a gallery and want to look (and feel) just that little bit extra.

Everything you see on site is designed, sustainably sourced, handcrafted, packaged and dispatched by me from my home studio in Manchester. Each piece is hand-finished to create sustainable, stylish yet timeless accessories, creating a striking balance between luxury and affordability.
A mistress of hue and texture, my designs conjure the bold with such finess that one can easily find oneself considering an apple green scrunchie as large as your head.

I love to play around with scale and proportion, a fabric’s composition and possibilities, contrasting dramatic oversized shapes with soft and fluid fabrics. It's all about taking ordinary things and lifting them out of context, elevating them into luxury products. 
Cirque The Label encourages you to indulge your inner maximalist, leaving you looking and feeling like a total vision.