Welcome to the Cirque The Label studio!
Sustainably is at the core of everything that goes on here.

I take pride in using innovative methods in manufacture and packaging, and am a big fan of reusing and repurposing in all elements of the business. Below are a few of the steps CTL has taken so far:


  • CTL collections are made from either remnant, deadstock or vintage fabrics. Some are made from preloved or vintage garments, deconstructed to be given a new life.
  • The invisible thread used to finish each scrunchie once belonged to my Great Aunt Mary. The reel was found in her sewing box that I inherited when she died 12 years ago.
  • I only use biodegradable eco elastic in scrunchies, made from organic cotton and natural rubber.
  • All thread used is recycled cotton.


  • I run Cirque The Label from my home studio, where everything has been sourced second-hand.
  • I made my sewing table from salvaged wardrobe doors.
  • The backdrop screens are reclaimed woodchip screens that I cover in different wallpapers.
  • All my little trinkets and treasures were picked up in charity shops and at carboots.
  • On buying trips I avoid carbon transport. Where possible I walk, cycle or take public transport.

  • All CTL packaging is recycled, salvaged or sustainably sourced
  • My business cards are made from t-shirt off-cuts.
  • Every element of CTL packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Each accessory is placed in a handmade pouch from magazine pages. Watch the short video below to see how they're made: